Maria Boyle



New online exhibition in lockdown 2, November 2020

By mariaboyle, Nov 22 2020 05:41PM


I am conscious I have not been writing my blog. This year has been too strange and difficult.

Still, hopefully 2021 will be a lot more positive.

Was invited by 'artwrite', a group of visual artists and creative writers to create a new work for their online exhibition. 19 of us took part and created unique works under the title 'Moment'. We all responded by creating something about what we experienced on one specific day, 7th October. We had three weeks to create and then submit our work.

I was rather surprised by my subject matter as I have never been a big fan of lilac colors in my work, but as the suject was inspired by a lady with pruple hair carrying purle asters it was unavoidable!

And here is the artwrite website with all the artists and writers works. Click the link or go to